Account deletion

A customer may delete their account when logged in. To do so, the deleteCustomer mutation is used. The Flight framework contains a hook to assist with handling account deletion.



The hook takes an options object with the following keys:

confirmationMessage?: string @default "Are you sure you wish to delete your account?" Before deleting the account, the user will be prompted by a window.confirm dialog to give them the opportunity to cancel the action. confirmationMessage defines the string that will be shown in the dialog.


An object is returned by the hook with the following keys:

confirmDeletion(): fn Shows a window.confirm dialog in the browser, and then proceeds to delete the user if they confirm. This will also clear the session cookie from the user's browser.

success: boolean Whether or not the user has been deleted. May be useful to redirect the user after deletion.

error: string Will contain an error message if an error occurs during the delete mutation.

Example usage:

const { confirmDeletion, error, success } = useDeleteAccountMutation({
  confirmationMessage: "Really?",

if (success) {
  return <Redirect to="/" />;

if (error) {
  return <div style={errorStyle}>{error}</div>;

return <button onClick={confirmDeletion}>Delete my acount</button>;
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