Project Overview

Welcome to the Norce Flight documentation. The framework is built upon several other well established open source projects and frameworks.

Check out the your first project section in the docs for a quick walk-through of what you need to know in order to start building things with Flight!

The workspace

This project is set up as a monorepo using Yarn Workspaces and consist of several different packages that you can find inside the /packages subdirectory.

Package Description
@jetshop/core The framework core/runtime and data fetching layer. This is a required dependency.
@jetshop/cli The Flight Command Line Interface (CLI).
@jetshop/intl Utilities for translation and internationalization, based on the format-message project.
@jetshop/react-scripts A Norce Flight-specific fork of react-scripts from Facebook's Create React App project that adds support for code spitting and other extra features.
@jetshop/template-trend                          The default template used when setting up a new shop.
@jetshop/ui The official Flight UI Component Library that can be used to implement a variety of different shop designs.

While the @jetshop/core package is the only one that's strictly required to set up a shop, the default template project comes with analytics, multi language/region support, and the component library set up out-of-the-box.

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