Environment Setup

Windows Users: Make sure to install the Windows Subsystem for Linux. See this official guide from Microsoft for further instructions.

1. Install the Required Software

Make sure to have a recent version of Node, Yarn and Git installed on your machine. If you're using macOS you can install these packages using Homebrew. On Linux (and Windows, using the Linux subsystem) you can use apt-get (or the corresponding package manager for your distro).

# macOS
$ brew install git node yarn

# Linux (and Windows, using the Linux subsystem)
$ sudo apt-get install git nodejs yarn

2. Verify That Your Git Setup is Correct

Make sure that you have configured your name and & email properly. See this guide for further instructions: https://help.github.com/articles/set-up-git/

3. Make sure you are running at least Node v14

Check your nodejs version by running node -v.

If it is below 14.x, follow the instructions on the Node.js website to upgrade.

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