Google Analytics 4

The Flight framework supports Google Analytics 4 automatically.

Initial setup

First of all, enable Google Analytics 4 by going into the Norce admin -> Settings -> Statistics, and enter your GA4 measurement ID under google analytics. Ignore the (UA-xxxxxx-x), your GA4 measurement ID should start with G-.

Set up Google Analytics 4 tracking in Google Tag Manager to track checkout events

To track GA4 events on the checkout page you will need to use Google Tag Manager.

  1. Download the template
  2. Update containerid and accountid in downloaded template to match your own.
  3. Open your container in Google Tag Manager and go to Administrator -> Import container.
  4. Select the file, which workspace you want to import it to, and whether you want to overwrite or merge (preferred) your current config.
  5. Update the Flight - Google Analytics Settings variable and input the correct Google Analytics tracker ID.
  6. Publish the changes and you should be good to go!
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